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The PUEDE Center’s Green Alleys Project (GAP) aims to expand its efforts to beautify the neighborhood by repurposing formerly garbage-filled alleys into vibrant, outdoor spaces through the construction of green infrastructure.

The center will accomplish this objective through an integrated strategy of 1) hosting multi-lingual workshops and seminars and distributing informational materials that will boost awareness of the link between environmental and public health, 2) educating the public of appropriate waste disposal methods 3) facilitate resurfacing pavements with previous material to facilitate the sustainable management of storm water and

4) providing training in how to construct, grow and maintain vertical trellis gardens consisting of both drought resistant, pollution absorbing plants and produce 5) decorating the refurbished alleys with informative and aesthetically pleasing murals, so as to create sustainable green spaces that the community can enjoy in an otherwise urban sprawl. By the end of the first year, PUEDE strives to have trained at least 15 people to serve as “Community Coordinators,” have at least 50 attendees at our workshops and successfully “greenified” 3 alleys.

In addition to the short-term outcome of clean, green alleys, this project will beget an overall improvement in public health in the long run. The community gardens will help mitigate the carcinogenic effects of air pollution, decrease urban run-off, recharge groundwater and help improve water quality in the Los Angeles River Watershed, and promote spending more time active outdoors, which would curb cancer, obesity and diabetes rates.

Our hope is that the GAP will ultimately induce a positive feedback loop where residents have a beautiful green space that they can be proud of and want to preserve for future generations.

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