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Established in 2016 under the umbrella of the Pico Union Housing Corporation (PUHC), which has been operating in the community since 1971, the Pico Union Economic Development Enterprise (PUEDE) Center’s mission is to improve the community and the economic welfare of Pico-Union residents, who are primarily low-income minorities with less than a high school education. PUEDE has helped empower Pico-Union residents by increasing their self-sufficiency through innovative education, design-build solutions aimed at beautifying the community, job training and job experience programs.

Creating the Puede Center

Pico Union Housing Corporation

Economic Development Enterprise

Dedicated to our community

It has expanded its original mission to include social programs and design thinking projects aimed at improving the community and economic welfare of the Pico Union residents. It has pursued this goal through the preservation and development of affordable housing, creation of jobs, organizing the small businesses in the area, and by bringing various types of services to its residents and businesses.

Transforming our people

PUEDE Center is an innovation place and maker space to transform local community into prosperous green economies. PUHC strives to create empowerment for its residents by increasing their self-sufficiency through education, job training and job experience in de-sign, construction, real estate development and management activities. PUEDE services’ ultimate goal is to create wealth and build assets for the community.

At the Puede Center you Can...



The development involves the relocation and restoration of two turn of the century architectural  structures donated to the organization be a private citizen and moved to a vacant lot located at 1115 Alvarado Street in Los Angeles. The lot was provided by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) under a disposition and development agreement (DDA). He lot is approximately 27,600 square feet and is large enough to accommodate both houses. The structures will house several nonprofit organizations providing social programs such as creation of job opportunities, job training, and job placement. One structure will house the Pico Union Economical Development and Empowerment Center (PUEDE), which provides programs and services, such as ESL training, GED proportion, and Small Business Enterprise Seminars and other programs to assist young adults entering the workforce and. Or starting a small business. The second structure will house the historical restoration and construction trades apprenticeship programs where local youth will learn construction and historical restorations trades. The restoration will be finances with a &1.5 million grant from California Cultural and Historic Endowment (CCHE) and developer’s fee from the organization.

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