PUHC Leadership

Gloria Farias

Executive DIrector

Executive Director of PUHC

Gloria Farias has been PUHC’s Executive Director since 1993, and has been a committed community leader for over 30 years, working with Pico-Union residents to improve their living standards and economic welfare. She has developed over $74.3 Million dollars of quality affordable housing under various programs such as tax credits, tax exempt bonds, 221 (d) 4, 202, CRA, LAHD and home financing. Through her contributions, PUHC has developed over 1000 units of affordable housing in the Pico-Union neighborhood in addition to a daycare and a computer center. She has also spearheaded community groups and business enterprises, organized graffiti and waste cleanups, and continuously conducts gang member and at-risk youth outreach. 

Vice President of PUHC

Eli is one of the originators of The Graff Lab. In 2006 Eli helped open the doors of The Graff Lab and was in charge of running the Graffiti Yard. He is a talented Graffiti artist and is known for his murals in Pico Union, Crenshaw, South Central and all across Los Angeles. He gives back to the community by training kids in the art and by assisting with community projects with the elderly and Pico Union tenants.

Ricardo Guerrero

Grafflab DIrector

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